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Wedding photos differ as much as the people celebrating their marriage. Every day has its own mood that can have many facets ranging from “becoming a bride” to the marriage ceremony and to the reception. For the bride, the day often starts cheerfully and relaxed with her best friend and by the moment she slips into her dress it sinks in that the important event is about to take place. You can see this quite clearly in my wedding photos. The most moving moments undoubtedly happen during the ceremony and it’s often here that I capture the most emotional images of the whole day. I am of course always grateful if a few tears are shed during the marriage ceremony. There isn’t a more beautiful way of capturing emotions on a wedding photo. During the rest of the day it’s happiness and high spirits that are the dominant themes and they are captured in the wedding photos.




Important moments – captured for ever


No two wedding photos are the same

Every wedding day not only has its very own atmosphere, but also its own light. Light is to a photographer what paint is to a painter. No matter how old this comparison and how often it is quoted, it contains a great deal of truth. As every day has it’s own colour, wedding photos taken on different days will always differ. Of course I’ve always got my own ‘paint-box’ in the form of different flashes with me. However, they are only meant to be used in certain situations to conjure up photos that would otherwise not be possible.

Wedding photos and stereotypes

Wedding photos are sometimes still connected with stereotypes from the past. I often see a surprising happiness in my bridal couples when they realise that these ways of thinking no longer apply and that wedding photos today provide endless opportunities to show the naturalness and genuine emotions of a wedding day. The most beautiful wedding photos result from a totally informal atmosphere.

As your wedding photographer I want to capture the mood and the light of your wedding day and create an unforgettable memento for you with my photos.


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Why I am a wedding photographer

As a photographer I really can’t imagine a more beautiful field than wedding photography. On a wedding day, I meet cheerful, happy, and of course excited people – and in my role as an unobtrusive observer I capture all these positive emotions in my pictures. My work as a wedding photographer also gives me an extremely diverse range of topics to deal with. From macro shots of the rings to classic reportage photography and authentic bridal couple portraits, the challenge is always to keep a keen eye, and that’s exactly what makes wedding reportages so exciting to me. Take a look at my wedding photos and catch up on my latest wedding reportages in my blog.

Wedding photographer in the WPJA

The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) is a professional organization of wedding photographers worldwide. Its focus is on a documentary and spontaneous approach (as opposed to posed scenes). In other words, WPJA members shoot weddings in a natural way and don’t stage-manage situations. This is a clear artistic approach to wedding photography with which I identify 100%. The WPJA only accepts the most talented wedding photographers who have proven that they follow this approach.
I am thrilled and honoured to have been accepted into the WPJA in 2009, and have received awards for my work as a wedding photographer from both the WPJA and the Artistic Guild of the WPJA.

Saving the best for last

For me, feedback from my bridal couples about their wedding photos is the best endorsement of my work and an incentive for all my upcoming wedding reportages. There’s nothing I look forward to more than finding a nice message in my letterbox a few weeks after a wedding.

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