Wedding at the Tea House in the Chinese Garden in Luisenpark Mannheim | Wedding Photographer Mannheim

21 May 2014, by Ingonick in Mannheim, Wedding Photographer

Registry Office Mannheim | As a wedding photographer I can accompany my bridal couples to wonderful locations for their wedding. It’s always really exciting for me to see how individual and personal the choice of venue is for each couple. Jule and Dennis from Mannheim met in China, a country that they both really love. What could be more fitting than to give the civil wedding a Chinese touch? The original Chinese tea house at Lusienpark in Mannheim was the perfect backdrop for the wedding and gave the civil ceremony a certain Far Eastern flair. The gorgeous wedding weather and a marriage ceremony with loving and humourous touches incorporated by the registrar made for a perfect prelude to the church wedding that was to follow in autumn. Whether or not the stork that wedding guests spotted during the champagne reception was circling above us for a reason, we will just have to wait and see. Here are some impressions from my assignment as a wedding photographer in Mannheim.

Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-100 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-101 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-102 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-103 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-104 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-105 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-106 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-107 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-108 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-109 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-110 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-111 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-112 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-113 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-114 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-115 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-116 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-117 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-118 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-119 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-120 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-121 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-122 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-123 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-124 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-125 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-126 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-127 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-128 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-129 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-130 Hochzeitsfoto-Luisenpark-Mannheim-131