Vintage Wedding Album

16 Nov 2013, by Ingonick in Wedding Photographer

Especially in today’s digital world where information and images are shared on sites like Facebook at breathtaking speed and disappear from our timelines just as fast, people are starting to crave timeless values more and more. The special memories of a wedding are forever preserved in a wedding album, and every time you pick your album up those memories are reawakened and all the magical moments of your special day come to life again in the photographs.
I’m always looking for albums of a style and workmanship that reflect the personalities of my  bridal couples and that complete their wedding story perfectly. I have discovered a few very special manufacturers that speak the same visual language as I do. One of these is Couture Book, a provider of absolutely unique albums from the United States.
Today I received another album that manages to convey the authentic definition of vintage like no other model. Its distinctive characteristics are distressed leather with stitched edges and hand-made felt paper with torn edges. Take a look for yourself.
CoutureBook-Madrid100 CoutureBook-Madrid101 CoutureBook-Madrid102 CoutureBook-Madrid103 CoutureBook-Madrid104 CoutureBook-Madrid105 CoutureBook-Madrid106 CoutureBook-Madrid107 CoutureBook-Madrid108