Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony at Weingut Fitz Ritter in Bad Dürkheim

19 Jul 2013, by Ingonick in Bad Dürkheim, Wedding Photographer

The Palatine (German: Pfalz) with its Mediterranean flair and mild climate is a popular region for weddings and as a wedding photographer I really enjoy working there. Weingut Fitz Ritter in Bad Dürkheim is a real gem that is frequently chosen as a wedding venue, and I have often accompanied bridal couples on their special day there.

This season I again accompanied a bridal couple at their non-religious ceremony in the Reb Arena at Weingut Fitz Ritter and the location never ceases to amaze me.

My bridal couple requested that I share the photos of their ceremony and reception only with family and friends.  To respect their wishes I can only show you a selection of photos from the venue without any wedding guests.

I can, however, assure you that the wedding ceremony was lovingly put together and that the guests all enjoyed an amazing party and danced until the early hours. Hochzeit-Weingut-Fitz-Ritter-Bad-Duerkheim-100