An Extensive Portrait Session in Baden-Baden

27 Sep 2013, by Ingonick in Baden-Baden, Wedding Photographer

How important the wedding portraits are is an individual decision that every bridal couple has to make for themselves before the wedding. Occasionally, bridal couples decide not to have a portrait session at all, but often we plan one or two blocks for it at slots where it can be incorporated into the day without disrupting the rest of the schedule. Irina and Waldemar decided on an extended tour through Baden-Baden and scheduled plenty of time for their portrait session. It was important to them to have a diverse range of pictures and that these should include shots set in an urban environment as well as shots in nature and of course some with a connection to the wedding location itself. Best man Valentin grabbed his chauffeur’s hat and took us to very different parts of Baden-Baden. Our photo shoot started at Rastatt Favorite Palace, where the wedding ceremony took place and included several romantic street scenes including the pedestrian zone where we had the opportunity to take a shop window photo. We then drove on to the Stadtgarten (a city park) and ended our tour by taking another portrait shot in the ruins of Hohenbaden Castle (Schloss Hohenbaden).
Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-158 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-159 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-160 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-161 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-162 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-163 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-164 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-165 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-166 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-167 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-168 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-169 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-170 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-171 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-172 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-173 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-174 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-175 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-176 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-177 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-178 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-179 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-180 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-181 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-182 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-183 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-184 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-185 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-186 Hochzeitsfotograf-Baden-Baden-187