Wedding Albums and Wedding Books

There are several options for preserving your wedding photos and presenting them to family and friends. Digital files are ideal for looking at the complete set of the hundreds of photos of your wedding. With a digital file, you can quickly and easily ‘flip’ through all of the pictures and choose your favourites, for example. You can have your favourite photos printed and select just a few pictures for hanging up in a frame or on canvas.

To really relive your special day, however, you need an interesting compilation of photos that – if selected properly – tell an exciting story. This is where the wedding album comes to shine. Your wedding album should be as individual as you are. I would like to present you with three options here that all have their own philosophy and are all equally attractive. Find out which philosophy suits you best.




Be honest now, who doesn’t love to sit on the sofa and browse through old family albums? Memories of past events immediately come flooding back and together you laugh over anecdotes from the old days. So many important moments occur at your wedding, and they deserve to be recalled again and again. Ideally, presented in a wedding album and maybe in a few decades with your grandchildren sitting on your lap.

My introductory level albums in the world of wedding albums are hardcover albums in a modern, linear design with your favourite photo on the cover. The pages are printed on real photographic paper (silk matt or high gloss).  The focus of this album version is strictly on the story of your wedding day, and using your selection of photos I create a varied and individual page layout.

This is a popular option for parent albums or a good choice as a main album for the bridal couple and offers excellent value for money.

Available from 30 double-page spreads for 600 euros including layout service.

A wedding album tells the story of your wedding.

Couture Book

Couture Books are real books. The kind of books you would buy from a fine art publisher. Couture Books are produced in the USA and are only available from selected photographers in Europe and not intended for the mass market.

Each book is elaborately handcrafted by experienced book binders and meets extremely high quality standards. Archival quality inks and the best papers are used in the process. The traditional bookbinding techniques ensure books that will last generations. Craftsmanship and high quality take time. The creation of each book, therefore, takes several weeks.

Couture Books have their very own charm and I have yet to find a comparable alternative. Hand-torn pages, antiqued leather or distressed leather with hand-stitched edges are an expression of individuality, and each of these books is a one-of-a-kind. You’re welcome to browse through my sample books and be convinced of their excellent quality when we meet in person to discuss your wedding.

Available from 100 pages for 2,200 euros including layout service.

COUTURE BOOK – An exceptional alternative to the classic wedding album – unique and individual.

Graphi Album

The wedding album may well have been invented in Italy. It definitely has a long tradition there. You can see this in particular by the fact that Italian wedding albums are in a class of their own. I’m pleased to be able to offer Italian wedding albums from GraphiStudio as part of my range.  These are magazine-style albums of the highest quality rating and with a superior look-and-feel, both as far as the cover and the binding are concerned. The layout contains a ‘best of’ selection of 50 to 200 photos of your wedding on 15 to 50 double spreads. Choose from the available binding options, colours and types of paper, and turn your wedding album into a unique piece.

Varnished: The elegant yet modern varnish effect gives this album a smooth and attractive cover. This style gives your personalized version of your photo book a contemporary, harmonious and definitive touch. The engraved names and wedding date, the rounded edges and the varnished metal surface emphasize the clear lines in an avant-garde style album. A spine in distressed leather or Nappa leather refines this album.

Crystal Glance: A new generation of acrylic covers provides smooth, crystal-like material. This alternative allows a full-bleed photo on the book cover. The spine and back of the book are enhanced by distressed leather or Nappa leather.

Distressed genuine leather: A timeless offer that has unwavering appeal thanks to its high-grade material and its simple and elegant look. The vintage look is the distinctive feature of this cover, that is rooted in the classic layout despite its innovative character.

Nappa Leather: Nappa leather was originally developed to meet the fashion needs of Italian haute couture. Today Nappa leather itself represents a touch of luxury thanks to its soft structure and its availability in a wide range of colours.

Available from 15 double pages for 1,150 euros including layout service.

A high-quality wedding album preserves your memories for generations.