A photo reportage helps safeguard your investment in a corporate event.

I cover customer events, employee functions, conferences, galas and any other event that is important to you. Varied and lively photographic documentation ensures that your event is represented favourably in reports afterwards, that those who attended have positive memories of it, and of course that they look forward to attending your next event. Often, photos of the event need to be available quickly. As an optional additional service, I can provide a ‘best-of’ selection or a slideshow with music on the day of the event as well as a password-protected download option for your guests. Do you have other requirements? I’ll be happy to tailor my coverage of your event to meet your specific needs and I’m open to any ideas you may have.

  • Event Photography

  • 180/Std
    • Plus additional costs
    • Usage rights included


Prices are exclusive of VAT and include all usage rights.

  • Event Photography

  • 1.200/Tag
    • Daily rate 8h
    • Usage rights included

Event Photos

Vivid pictures from the keynote to the party

Some of my clients