Business Portraits

Attractive business portraits are essential for presenting your company in a professional way.

I photograph portraits of managers and employees on site at your company’s premises. Depending on the style of photo you’d like, I can provide either a classic studio look or pictures set in your working environment. You can use the corporate portraits for your website, social media, corporate brochures or publications, in slides for presentations or speeches, in marketing material or for other purposes. All the required rights to the images are included in the custom quote I send you. My services range from extensive individual portraits accompanied by a professional make-up artist across employee photos for whole departments to entire company presentations and image campaigns.

On-site manager portraits and employee portraits

In many cases, pictures set in your working environment are ideal, but this isn’t always what you’re looking for. Sometimes you need a neutral background. For example, because the photos need to be reproducible if new employees join the company later or because picture editors have certain requirements for publications. In this case, I bring a complete mobile photo studio to your office. All we need is a small room to set up the lighting system and the background.

Editorial Portraits